Saturday, February 25, 2012


Want to open a business in America? It isn't easy.
In Midway, Ga., a 14-year-old girl and her 10-year-old sister sold lemonade from their front yard. Two police officers bought some. But the next day, different officers ordered them to close their stand.
Their father went to city hall to try to find out why. The clerk laughed and said she didn't know. Eventually, Police Chief Kelly Morningstar explained, "We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade and of what the lemonade was made with."
Give me a break. If she doesn't know, so what? But kids trying their first experiment with entrepreneurship are being shut down all over America. Officials in Hazelwood, IllinoisIll., ordered little girls to stop selling Girl Scout cookies.
It made me want to try to jump through the legal hoops required to open a simple lemonade stand in New York City. Here's some of what one has to do:
-- Register as sole proprietor with the County Clerk's Office (must be done in person)
-- Apply to the IRS for an Employer Identification Number.
-- Complete 15-hr Food Protection Course!
-- After the course, register for an exam that takes 1 hour. You must score 70 percent to pass. (Sample question: "What toxins are associated with the puffer fish?") If you pass, allow three to five weeks for delivery of Food Protection Certificate.
-- Register for sales tax Certificate of Authority
-- Apply for a Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit. Must bring copies of the previous documents and completed forms to the Consumer Affairs Licensing Center.
Then, at least 21 days before opening your establishment, you must
arrange for an inspection with the Health Department's Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitation. It takes about three weeks to get your appointment. If you pass, you can set up a business once you:
-- Buy a portable fire extinguisher from a company certified by the New York Fire Department and set up a contract for waste disposal.
-- We couldn't finish the process. Had we been able to schedule our health inspection and open my stand legally, it would have taken us 65 days.
I sold lemonade anyway. I looked dumb hawking it with my giant fire extinguisher on the table.
Tourists told me they couldn't believe that I had to get "all those permits." A Pakistani man said: "That's crazy! You should move to Pakistan!"
But I don't want to move to Pakistan.
Thank you John Stossel and "Townhall"

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The word "aroma" had never been uttered 'til the first cup of coffee was brewed.


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It's Superman

Teacher Testing

This is why you shouldn't test the teacher...

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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I had a heart attack and the Lord let me make a u-turn in The Valley of The Shadow of Death.



When I try this my responsibilities catch me.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge"...Albert Einstein

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Once Upon A Time

Cheerio!Once upon a time I had a heart attack and the Lord didn't turn the lights out.

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Family Math

Opportunity Missed

Opportunity could be standing right in front of most people these days and they'd miss it.

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Autographed Copy

I know I won't need my Bible in Heaven, but it sure would be cool to have an autographed copy.

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Can Of Worms

If you're afraid you might open a can of worms, get rid of the can opener.