Sunday, March 8, 2015

Think About It

It was sixty years ago and I remember going to see the doctor in our town.  I was eight years old.  I remember his office was in his house and if you went there late in the afternoon you could smell what his wife was cooking for supper.  I remember that every kid in town went by his office on Halloween because he gave out homemade ice cream in a cone.  I remember his name.  Doctor Higgins was a healer of my aches and pains.  I remember he always made me feel better.

It was sixty minutes ago and I went to see the doctor at the local clinic.  I'm sixty-eight years old.  The office was a very sterile and cold place and no one was cooking supper.  I doubt they give out homemade ice cream on Halloween.  I don't remember the doctor's name.  He was just a guy in a white coat that provided me with some pills and an x-ray.  I don't feel much better.

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