Monday, February 18, 2013

I Need Three Things

1. I need the home addresses and home phone numbers for the following New Hampshire State Representatives...Gary Coulombe...Andrew Schimdt...Herb Richardson.
2.  I need $16,100.
3.  I need bail money.

A little background...

The three gentlemen mentioned above "want their free lift ticket back".  After getting free passes to state-owned Cannon Mountain Ski Area in New Hampshire for years, a Legislative Ethics Committee letter last winter found that the freebies violated the Legislature's ban on gifts over $25.  But these three political moochers have introduced a bill that would exempt Cannon Mountain from the gift ban.  They are sponsoring HB 514 which adds an exemption to the ethic guidelines for House and Senate members and a public hearing is scheduled for this Thursday.  

By the way, the taxpayers of New Hampshire have subsidized Cannon Mountain Ski Area to the tune of $9.2 million since 1999.  Talk about "rubbing salt in a wound". 

OK. Why do I need three things?

First...I need the home addresses and home phone numbers to put in a form letter.  Why would I do that, you ask?  Well, remember a while back when the newspaper in New York published the names and addresses of a bunch of people because they were gun owners?  I figure why not do something similar.  I'm going let people know where these grease-balls live.  But not just any people.

Second...I need $16,100 for stamps so that I can send the form letter to the approximately 35,000 people who are unemployed in New Hampshire.  I'm sure a good many of them would like to go skiing but are unable to afford it these days.

Third...I'll probably need bail money to get out of jail once the authorities find out about the form letter and where it came from.

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