Saturday, March 16, 2013


The headline in the culture section of The Washington Times this past Thursday read, "Sacred mystery: Blockbuster ratings for 'The Bible' confound Hollywood".  I can think of a few more people that were confounded.

1.  The people were confounded when, as they were drowning, saw Noah float away in the ark.

2.  The Egyptians were confounded when the Red Sea closed in around them after it's waters had parted allowing Moses to lead  the people of Israel to the Promised Land.

3.  The Philistines were confounded when a young boy named David, armed with nothing but a slingshot, killed their giant Goliath.

4.  Nicodemus was confounded when Jesus said to him, "no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again".

5.  The Romans were confounded when the stoned was rolled away from Jesus' tomb and he had risen from the dead.

6.  The nonbelievers will be confounded when Jesus comes again and the believers in Christ shall be taken up to Heaven.


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