Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why I Pray For America

"The Limbo Of Collective Ignorance"

Three weeks into Barak Obama's presidency, Newsweek magazine announced that "we are all socialists now" and that America "is moving toward a modern European state."

Now This...

If you think Pope Benedict XVI and other Christian denominations are lying about how Europe is secularizing, shunning specifically Christianity, this should be proof.
The three million copies of the 2011-2012 school calendar published by the European Union has omitted Christian holidays, while continuing to note important Jewish and Muslim celebrations.
While Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter are missing from the calendar’s pages, days commemorating “Sikh Baisakhi-Day, the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday, the Muslim holiday Aid-el-Kebir,” remain in place,” Boutin continued.
Christine Boutin, former French politician and government minister, is a consultant for the Pontifical Council for the Family, as well as president of the Christian Democratic Party in France. She went on to lament that Christianity has "fallen into the limbo of collective ignorance."

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