Monday, June 18, 2012

Cool Stuff

"Microsoft Surface"
A 10.6 - inch Windows 8 tablet from Microsoft. 

 Microsoft has officially entered the ring with Apple.
Microsoft just announced the Microsoft Surface, a tablet aimed directly at consumers, and with that, the iPad. Microsoft views the Surface as a “stage for Windows 8.” It’s 9.3mm thin, has full size USB 2.0 jacks, a removable battery and weighs only 1.5 lbs. The casing is made out of magnesium and screen is covered in the Gorilla Glass 2 and optically bonded, a feature Microsoft brags was specifically made for the Surface.
Windows 8 is at the core of Surface. It’s a pure Metro device and has access to all the Windows and also the Xbox. This is clear the product Microsoft had in mind when it announced the Xbox SmartGlass feature at E3 earlier in the month.
Microsoft also announced several accessories for the Sufacing including a 3mm clever cover that features a thin keyboard. Since it’s held on by magnets, it will likely be called a copy of the iPad’s SmartCover, too.
But like most hardware, it’s nothing without the right software. Ballmer was very clear at the beginning of the announcement event that this tablet’s strength is the Windows ecosystem. This tablet runs Windows 8, and with that, both Metro and the traditional desktop enviroment. Every application that runs on Windows, save perhaps Skyrim and the like, should run on the Surface.

Price?  I'm guessing $1,000...give or take a couple hundred.

Inspired by "TechCrunch"

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