Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Widgets Won't Work

Me and my fellow employees make widgets for a very well known company. We make thousands and thousands and thousands of widgets every year.  Of all the widgets we make about half of them are defective and don't work when purchased by the customer.  And the weird thing is we keep making defective widgets year after year after year and customers keep buying them year after year after year.

So what the heck.  Me and my fellow employees have decided to ask for a 30% raise.  Yea, I know we already make $70,000 a year and the guys working down the street only make $47,000 a year and most all the widgets they make work when the customers buy them.  Yea, I know we get over four months of vacation a year and the guys down the street are lucky if they get two weeks.  But, we think a 30% raise isn't asking too much.  And, if we don't get it we're going to go on strike.

What?  You think this is just another made up cock and bull story of mine?  Think again.  

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