Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In Sourcing

Anyone remember back in the 20th century when this country was the place to manufacture the best products in the world.  Anyone remember back in the 20th century when this country went stupid and the cost to manufacture the best products in the world got too expensive and all that manufacturing went overseas.  Well, like someone once said, "What goes around come around".

Airbus, Boeing's arch rival, announced that it will start building planes in Mobile, AL, delivering the first Airbus A320 in 2016.  Airbus, based in France, said it plans to employ 1,000 people at it's first assembly plant on U.S. soil.  Airbus currently builds planes in France, Germany and China.  

An Airbus spokesman said that building in the U.S. rather than another county is because planes are sold in dollars which has a more favorable exchange rate compared to other currencies.  Imagine that.

Industry analysts say that building in Alabama rather than somewhere else is due lower labor costs, where union organizing is more difficult than in Europe or in other parts of the U.S.  Imagine that.

Psssst... "Hey Federal Reserve, don't screw up the U.S. dollar".

Psssst... "Hey labor unions, don't screw up the Alabama workforce".  

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