Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Just A Word

I told you folks yesterday that I'd bought a new computer and was short on time to do much posting.  But I gotta stop long enough and tell you the experience I had when I turned on my new laptop for the first time.

You know when you first turn a new computer on and it prompts you to give it a name?  Well, I've had several computers and most usually I call mine "My Computer" or "My Dell" or whatever.  But this time I wanted a name that was different and distinctive.  So I thought, "This laptop has a large screen, and it's got a big hard drive, and it has a huge memory.  Hmmm, something this big needs a big name".   So I typed in "TITANIC" and just as soon as I hit "enter" it started syncing.

Sorry Sherri, I can't help myself.

Inspired by "Jeremy Berry"

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